Why Esports Are Becoming Popular

By Kiyan   |   Posted in January 22, 2020   |   International News

Why Esports Are Becoming Popular

ESports has become popular due to the following reasons:

eSports is just like any other sport
Accessibility and inclusiveness of gaming
Diversity of games
Quality of video games
Video games are addicting
Gaming is a social activity
Legitimate career options
Competitive gaming isn’t new by any means, but it has become much more mainstream just in the past few years. eSports is really starting to gain a lot of momentum and widespread popularity, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon. There are huge tournament-style event competitions like the League of Legends World Championship or the FIFA eWorld Cup that attract millions of viewers across the world.

Regardless of attending sellout eSports arenas, or watching online through streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, spectators are being drawn like moths to a flame for the spectacle of watching their favorite digital athletes compete. ESPN has even recently started to cover eSports stories and competitions. And a professional gaming career is becoming more and more sought after by aspiring gamers worldwide.

So the question remains: why is eSports so popular? What changed over the past few years that made eSports take off and become the hottest topic on the internet. Why is professional gaming just now becoming a legitimate career? Well, to understand why eSports has turned into a worldwide phenomenon, it’s important to understand the history to see where its roots began.